Radiant Orchid: 2014 Color of the Year

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Radiant Orchid was released as the 2014 Pantone Color of the Year. We love this color, and couldn’t be more excited to see it used in 2014. Radiant Orchid is described as “an enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones.”

For use in interiors, pair Radiant Orchid with olive and deep greens, turquoise, teal and light yellows. It also acts as a great way to brighten neutral spaces. When using colors like gray, beige and taupe, Radiant Orchid adds a lively pop of color.

According to Pantone, the 2013 color of the year, Emerald, served as a “symbol of growth, renewal and prosperity.” Radiant Orchid, however, “intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination. It encourages expanded creativity and originality.” All shades of purple are beautiful when used for interior design. Purple is a perfect harmony of chaotic red and calm blue. People who are creative are often fond of this color. It calms our nerves and offers a sense of spirituality. This makes it a great color for any calming space.

The opportunities to use this color are endless. We love how it looks in the kitchen and bathroom. It can be used as an accent or primary color in a room and still look flawless.

Which Pantone color is your favorite? Do you love Radiant Orchid or hate it? Comment below and let us know!

Previous Pantone color of the years:

2013: Emerald – a bright green

2012: Tangerine Tango – a lively orange

2011: Honeysuckle – a strong pink

2010: Turquoise – a serene bluish green

2009: Mimosa – a dazzling golden yellow

2008: Blue Iris – a sharp indigo

2007: Chili Pepper – a deep red

2006: Sand Dollar – a relaxing tan

2005: Blue Turquoise – a mellow teal

2004: Tigerlily – a loud red orange

2003: Aqua Sky – a peaceful blue

2002: True Red – a radiant red

2001: Fuchsia Rose – a bold magenta

2000: Cerulean – a perfect periwinkle

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