Choosing The Right Kitchen Sink For You

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Kitchen sinks are by far the most used fixtures in your kitchen, and getting a sink in the correct material for your needs is important. You will need a sink that can withstand the years of intense daily use that you and your family will put it through. How do you pick a sink that’s perfect for you? Below you will find different types of sink materials and how they would fit into your lifestyle.


Stainless Steel
Stainless steel sinks have a large appeal with their neutral and clean looks. Their durability is also a big reason why people are drawn to them. Thicker steel, measured by gauges, allows for a larger resistance against damage. Stainless steel has more give than other harder materials and is more forgiving when dishes or glassware are dropped. Stainless steel can also be successfully paired with almost any color and décor scheme, but would be ideal in a modern or contemporary-style kitchen. Stainless steel is available in a variety of finishes, styles and sizes. The brushed and satin finishes are more popular than the mirror finish, they are highly recommended when possible water marks and scratches are a concern, as they would be less noticeable.

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Fireclay sinks are molded out of clay and then fired up at an extremely high temperature. Fireclay is non-porous and durable, resistant to acid, alkali and scratches, and not susceptible to corrosion. They are highly resistant to scratches, staining and chipping. The cleanup is extremely easy –dish soap and a sponge would usually do the trick.  These sinks, usually very popular in white, would make a great statement piece in your kitchen.

Despite the durable surface finish, chips can occur from hard knocks or drops of kitchenware. To avoid any possible damage, be sure to get a protective sink grid for your fireclay sink.

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If you are in the market for something different, copper and bronze sinks are the way to go! Copper sinks are great for warm, inviting kitchen schemes. Copper is rust resistant and anti-microbial, making them a great choice for the kitchen.

Make sure that the copper sink that you choose is a high-quality copper. Look for sinks that are at least 99% pure copper to ensure the look and feel that you want. Avoid harsh chemicals in this sink and only use mild soap and water to clean.

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Vitreous China
Vitreous China refers to a glazing technique added to a ceramic material. The glaze added is enamel, which makes it better at resisting spills, scratches and other kitchen mishaps. The high gloss is very durable and creates a stain resistant surface. Vitreous China is also excellent at resisting germs and maintaining a sanitary surface than other ceramic material without a glaze. The care and maintenance of this finish is relatively easy, just use mild soap and water on a non-abrasive sponges after each use.

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Prep sinks
Prep sinks are a smaller, secondary sink, usually installed on a kitchen island, a bar or on the opposite side of the main sink. Smaller in size, they are auxiliary sinks that come in handy while entertaining, prepping food, cleaning  up or when there are multiple cooks in the kitchen! They are a very convenient feature to include in a kitchen layout, not only enhancing the functionality of the space, but also luxuriously balancing the aesthetics of a kitchen design.

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