Why Choose a Copper Sink?

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Pair an antique copper Vintage III faucet with a Copperhaus basin for an ideal match!

Whitehaus Collection’s Copperhaus line is a distinctive collection of elegant handcrafted copper sinks for the kitchen and bathroom. These copper sinks dramatically enhance the feel to the busiest rooms in your home, adding a sense of warmth and serenity with the deep, natural look that the copper carries. Copper’s dark patina perfectly compliments granite and other natural stone materials, and looks stunning with rich, dark wood finishes. These finely crafted, seamless sinks exhibit a consistent, even finish with careful detailing. Whitehaus copper sinks offer many advantages that cannot be matched by any other type of sink.

This inspiring collection of sinks offers a mixture of traditional and modern designs and finishes. The Copperhaus kitchen sinks from Whitehaus are available in a number of sizes, from smaller versions for a bar or prep sink, to single, double…or even triple bowl basin farm sinks. Some styles include embossed designs, which appear on the front of the apron. Most Whitehaus Copperhaus sinks are available in a smooth or hammered finish, showing off their hand-made appeal, and adding a personal touch to your home.

Copper is best recognized for its strength, durability, and ageless beauty. One of the greatest benefits of owning a copper sink is the properties of the material – the older it becomes, the more beautiful the finish. This is because copper is a metal that changes and evolves with time as it reacts to various elements. The result of this is a copper sink that exhibits both delicate beauty, and solid strength.

Whitehaus Copperhaus sinks are made at the thickest gauge possible, 14 gauge. Copper is a soft material and the thickness – even just a few points – can have a dramatic effect on how well the sink wears over time. Choosing

You can see the difference in the details of a hammered copper sink!

You can see the difference in the details of a hammered copper sink!

a thicker gauge sink is well worth it, especially when considering kitchen sinks, which receive large amounts of use. Not only are thicker sinks less likely to dent from every day activity such as placing pots and pans in a sink after cooking – they are also less likely to create that tin-like sound from running faucet water, as you may hear in a thinner gauge of copper. At Whitehaus, we are confident that our products will be able to not only stand the test of time, but also everyday wear and tear, and other forces.

In a society concerned with being more environmentally friendly, Whitehaus Copperhaus copper sinks are a great step towards going green, since they are 100% recycled, and are made of a metal that can be reused again and again. Copperhaus sinks are a functional luxury; keeping these sinks looking beautiful is easy, and most often times, it is maintenance free. If your copper sink becomes scratched or lightens because of contact with acidic foods, the copper returns to its darker tone naturally over time, without effort from the homeowner. This tolerant aspect adds to the character of copper sinks. However, Whitehaus also offers a great alternative to scratches on the bottom of your sink – an optional matching copper sink grid that will protect it without worry.

One of the other hidden benefits to copper makes it one of the best choices for any kitchen or bath – it’s natural antibacterial properties. It has been found that copper surfaces eliminate more than 99.9% of bacteria known to be human pathogens within just two hours. This advantage means that bacteria literally cannot live on the surface of your copper sink, unlike other materials, like stainless steel which can harbor bacteria up to a month if not properly cared for. This is a significant property of copper sinks considering daily health alerts and warnings that are relevant to the modern home.

The most beautiful homes take full advantage of the brilliance and high quality of Whitehaus Collection’s Copperhaus sinks. Please view our kitchen collection here, or our bath collection here.

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