The Complete Guide to Choosing a Kitchen Faucet

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  Kitchen faucets are typically bought for function: will it get the job done? In recent years, more emphasis is being placed on the styling of the faucet and how it enhances its surrounding environment. There are so many options beyond traditional or modern to choose from now, that the decision can seem daunting. How…

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Work Triangle vs Work Zones: The Efficient Kitchen Layout

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The kitchen work triangle is an interior design practice that dates back to the 1940s. The ideology behind this layout is that you maximize efficiency in the kitchen by placing the refrigerator, range, and sink 4-9 feet apart, forming a rough equilateral triangle. This concept is best executed in closed or semi-closed kitchens. However, with…

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Pinterest Trends: Timelessly Traditional

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  Traditional design is a classic; it’s always in style, timeless and beautiful. Whether in a kitchen, bathroom or utility room, a traditional design makes your house a home. It adds a level of familiarity, comfort and friendliness. The traditional kitchens, baths and utility rooms featured in the pins above vary in size and design,…

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Traditional Faucets: Classic Design with Modern Technology

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Greatness lasts a lifetime. That’s why traditional style decor is one of the most popular styles found in homes today. The key to traditional styling is to find classic designs complete with modern technology. This will give your kitchen a refined and elegant feel with timeless trends, instead of needing to update in a couple…

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Pinterest Trends: Beautiful Blue

574 851 Kitchen Bath Trends

  Serenity. Peace. Relaxation. All of these emotions are evoked by the color blue. This calming color makes the perfect choice for a space that tends to be rather hectic, such as the kitchen. It’s also ideal for creating a soothing spa space in a bathroom. Whether used as an accent or the main color…

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Design Inspiration: Micha Commeren

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    Micha Commeren is a graphic designer from the Netherlands.

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Product Spotlight: WHNCD72

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Mood Board Monday #63: Strong As Steel

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  The best kitchen is one that incorporates a bunch of trends to make one harmonious kitchen. The design featured in this week’s mood board is a stellar example of using three trends to make one seamless space. By combining stainless steel and subway tile, the end result is a luxurious kitchen worthy of being…

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Design Inspiration: Coach John Wooden

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  John Robert Wooden was an American basketball player and coach. 

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