Cabinetry Hardware: It’s in the Details

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When designing a kitchen, small details have just as much influence on the style as the large elements. These details are subtle, but can make or break a kitchen design. Cabinetry hardware is one of the most overlooked details, but it plays a significant role in the design and functionality of the kitchen. With the right cabinetry hardware, you can customize the kitchen to reflect your personality.

There are two different types of cabinetry hardware: functional and decorative. Functional hardware plays into the essence of the room. It blends in, becoming an invisible tool that turns your kitchen into an efficient, flowing space. Decorative hardware stands out, creating a sophisticated look that shows you pay attention to the finer details. The heart of the design is in the detail. It refines the space, like a piece of jewelry, tie, or scarf refines an outfit.

Decorative Cabinetry Hardware WH35 by Whitehaus Collection


Unlike styles of rooms, the trends for cabinetry hardware vary. Transitional and contemporary are

Decorative Cabinetry Hardware WH67 by Whitehaus Collection

Decorative Cabinetry Hardware WH67 by Whitehaus Collection

popular, but because you can completely personalize your hardware, there’s no one clear trend. Transitional design is popular because there aren’t any right nor wrong choices for the style. It’s about mixing composition, colors and textures, not finding elements inside one theme. You can find cabinetry hardware in every style from classically simple to intricately ornate. Crystal cabinetry hardware is becoming increasingly popular, moving from bathroom to kitchen design.

Customers are mainly concerned with quality. They want higher-end, higher-value products that will complement the design of their kitchen. The biggest thing to remember is to keep it subtle; you don’t want to overpower your cabinetry. Decorative cabinetry hardware is usually on the smaller side, so it blends in with the design while still managing to stand out from the cabinets. Many people are opting for long, but not bulky, oversized European-style drawer pulls.

Another important detail to remember is functionality. The functionality of cabinetry hardware is just as important as its looks. The right hardware enhances the design of the room by making a more efficient space. When done correctly, the functionality of the room will go unnoticed and the looks will shine brightly.

Whitehaus Collection, known for its fireclay sinks, also has a stellar supply of decorative cabinetry hardware.  With over a hundred different options between finish and shape, you’ll be sure to find the exact model you’re looking for. Many of its products are made from solid brass or stainless steel, so you know you’ll be getting cabinetry hardware that will last a lifetime.

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