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A comfortable and relaxing space is something homeowners aim for when creating a feeling in their master bathroom. Spa bathrooms are gaining more popularity as homeowners are realizing with a few adjustments, they can create a “spa-like” environment in their own home. We’ve gathered some essentials you may want to consider when designing your in-home spa.

His & Hers sinks
Personal space is essential in a master bathroom for two. A great way to achieve the “his and hers” design is separate sinks. Along with looking aesthetically pleasing, this will allow your bathroom routine to flow efficiently.

Spa Like Bathrooms | Kitchen Bath Trends

Wet Room
When designing a master bathroom within a small space, it’s important to maximize the space you have. Consider creating a “wet room” which is a bathtub within the shower. By doing this you’re able to have your free standing tub and luxury space shower without sacrificing space. The trick to doing this is to use the least amount of walls possible and absolutely no doors. One clear glass wall and a pitched floor will be all you need for your wet room.

Spa Like Bathrooms | Kitchen Bath Trends

Bamboo in the bathroom is a stylish and environmentally friendly material choice.  Bamboo has a natural resistance to mold, bacteria and mildew, as well as an extremely durable build. Bring a bit of the outdoor tropical forest into you spa bathroom.

Spa Like Bathrooms | Kitchen Bath Trends

Build-in Vanity
If your budget allows for a little more customization, opt for a build-in vanity to fit your space perfectly. When designing a custom vanity piece you’ll have to option to include all of your necessities. A few essentials you may want to consider are a double sink and organized storage space for all your toiletries and hair tools.

Spa Like Bathrooms | Kitchen Bath Trends

Free Standing Tub
A free standing tub add a sense of luxury to your spa like bathroom. These tubs come in many styles and sizes allowing you the option to find one perfect for your space. Whether you choose a claw foot, slipper, or modern style there are many corresponding tub fillers and accessories to match.

Spa Like Bathrooms | Kitchen Bath Trends


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