Autumn colors

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As seasons change, we see the color palette that surrounds us change as well. Live, bright colors that cheer up vibrant summer days are slowly replaced by the calming elegance of the golden and jewel tones of Fall. Winter comes by with muted, neutral colors with hints of festive primary hues; while Spring is all about the greens and pastels that mark the hope of a new beginning.

As Fall is on its high point, when remodeling your kitchen or bath, get inspired by nature’s palette and bring in those deep, warm tones into your home by choosing one of the beautiful sinks from the Noah Plus Collection.

The Brass finish captures the essence of the changing leaves and the delicious tones of harvest fruits like golden apples and pears; while the Copper finish represents the beautiful glow of the sunset on a chilly afternoon.

Pair them perfectly with select faucet models from the Waterhaus Collection, and add Whitehaus Collection®’s bath and kitchen accessories to match the Autumn glow all year round.

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