All You Need to Know About the Rustic Style

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Refreshing with its simplicity, the rustic style highlights natural beauty and a rugged, strong spirit. Is rustic the right style for you?

What it is: Rustic style proves that everything comes full circle. Rustic style’s natural roots, organize textures and shapes, and natural warmth are becoming extremely popular in the heart of cities as well as out in the woods.

Why it works: Rustic interiors feel honest and will evoke the feeling of similar times. Since they repurpose materials, they provide a wonderful showcase for originality. Rustic style is boldly and blatantly real.

Were you happy playing outside as a kid? Can you not bring yourself to throw away old packing cracks or burlap sacks? Do you love flannel? If you answered yes, then the rustic style is for you.

Style Secrets
Rough-Hewn Beams: For many, this is the first element that comes to mind when anyone thinks or talks about rustic style. These beams help define a space structurally, but they can instantly complete the rustic look if they are left rough and unpolished. Using beams to frame ceilings, surround fireplaces and windows or even line walls in a great way to incorporate them.
Rustic Style | Kitchen Bath Trends

Organic Forms: Choose furnishings and objects that have strong, slightly rough profiles. Don’t use too many mass-produced or overly tailored objects – this will minimize the rustic style.
Rustic Style | Kitchen Bath Trends

Warm, Earthy Colors: The color palettes in rustic home should be subtle, natural tones. Use woodsy colors and colors pulled from bark or stone. Don’t stick to just browns, think about using denim blue, golden yellow or faded turquoise to break up the natural colors.
Rustic Style | Kitchen Bath Trends

Textural Fabrics: Sturdy, hardworking fabrics such as burlap, linen, cotton or wool work better then silk and lace in the rustic style. Use many different patchworks to create the perfect textural fabrics.
Rustic Style | Kitchen Bath Trends

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