A point of use faucet for a fast-paced kitchen

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A point of use faucet is a fundamental asset in today’s fast-paced kitchen.

Available in hot, cold or hot/cold options, you can easily choose one for the one that perfectly fits your lifestyle.

A point of use faucet with hot water option allows for a quick cup of steaming water right at your sink, significantly cutting down the time for tasks that require piping hot water. It is so convenient that you will wonder how you ever managed without one.



With one that dispenses cold water, you can grab a refreshing cold glass of water on the run.




And for the best of both words, with a hot/cold point of use faucet, you can enjoy cold drinking water all the time, while still having instant access to your hot water system.




Whitehaus Collection®’s point of use faucets, are available in cold, hot or a combination of cold/hot water configurations. Their styles include traditional and gooseneck spouts, offered in a variety of finishes. Complement your kitchen and your décor with one to match your kitchen faucet, soap dispenser and pot fillers as well.

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