9 Ways to Execute the Industrial Style

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The industrial style was born out of necessity. Back in the day, the three principles for design were simplicity, durability, and functionality. Recently, we’ve been leaning towards traditional designs that are softer and more welcoming or modern designs with sharp angles and cool colors. By reverting back to the original ideology behind industrialism, you can create a durable design for your kitchen or bathroom that is also stylish and trendy.

1. Strip It Down

brick wall

Work off old elements that are already incorporated into your building’s structure. Using exposed brick, wood and concrete as design elements is the key of functional design. It adds to the aesthetics of industrial style while physically supporting the foundation of your home.

2. Dark and Matte

balck and matte

A key feature in the industrial style is dark, matte finishes for fixtures. Polished finishes create a shine that looks out-of-place in an industrial setting. Whitehaus Collection offers faucets in Oil Rubbed Bronze, Oil Rubbed Bronze Highlight and Mahogany Bronze. These three matte finishes are perfect for any industrial kitchen or bathroom.

3. Concrete Counters

concrete counters

Concrete is one of the raw materials essential in an industrial design. Using it for a counter is a chic way to create an industrial focal point. If you prefer a different counter material, concrete can also be used as an industrial alternative for flooring.

4. Wood Works

wood works

Wood is a material that softens harsher designs. Like concrete, it can be used for counters or floors, but you can go a step beyond and use it in accessories. Elements such as chairs, mirror frames, cutting boards, and towel bars, can be styled with wood to play into the raw materials needed for the industrial style.

5. Steel Strength


Steel is another great material for counters and flooring, but it can also be used for accessories. Whether in the kitchen or bath, using steel adds to the industrial style in a natural way. You can cover doors with steel, use steel pipes for towel bars, toilet paper holders, or paper towel holders, have steel sconces, or incorporate a steel-framed mirror. Steel bowls, plates, and chairs are also great to accessorize with.

6. Keep It Simple


While accessories certainly add to the design, all the accessories should have purpose and function. Decoration for the sake of decorating, such as the use of knick-knacks, goes against the principles of industrial style.

7. Subway Tile Style

subway tiles

Subway tile is an up-and-coming trend for many design styles, but it’s often used in industrial design for its inexpensiveness and practicality. Its durability is unprecedented and creates a timeless look in your kitchen or bathroom. Using subway tile for a kitchen backsplash or a shower wall will enhance the overall look of the industrial style.

8. Stainless Steel Sinks


Whether in the kitchen or bathroom, stainless steel sinks are a durable, chic choice to incorporate into your industrial design. Noah’s Collection by Whitehaus Collection features an abundance of stainless steel sinks in an array of shapes and sizes. The benefits to a stainless steel sink are bountiful. For the kitchen collection, the sinks have a high gauge (thickness) of steel, making them nearly indestructible. These sinks also have a high chrome and nickel content, which gives them more luster. They are scratch, stain and chip resistant, as well as resistant to thermal shock. The full undercoat under sound deadening pads on each sink reduce the tinny noise you typically get with standard stainless steel sinks, as well as reducing the banging and clatter you find when doing dishes. The bathroom collection of sinks have unique shapes and mounting options, in addition to the high durability, luster, and scratch, stain, and chip resistance.

9. The Bare Necessities


Exposed plumbing is an essential element in the industrial style. When buildings were first being constructed, there wasn’t a need to cover plumbing because the design wasn’t supposed to be beautiful. However, choosing efficiency over beauty is its own beauty. The natural look of exposed pipes adds to the aesthetics of the industrial style, creating a chic but strong design.

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