8 Powder Room Essentials

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A powder room is a bathroom in your home that is frequented by guests. They are typically quite small and have only a toilet and sink. They are often found on the main floor of the home and used as a secondary bathroom. If you’re lucky enough to have a powder room in your home, here are 8 essential items that you should have!

1. Scented Candle
Having a scented candle adds a luxurious feel into your powder room. Find a scent that isn’t too over bearing and light it an hour or so before your guests arrive.

2. Guest Towels
Towels in your powder room don’t have to be large but make sure there are enough towels so the guests have some where to dry their hands. You can also opt for decorative paper, napkin-like towels that are disposable.

3. Bath Mat
Adding a bath mat into your powder room creates a comfortable space for your guests to stand and keep their feet warm.

4. Soap & Lotion
Leaving scented soap and lotion in the bathroom for your guests is key. Decorative bottles or jars can double as an accessory for the bathroom as well.

5. Handy Extras
It’s always a good idea to keep extra toilet paper, tissues, cotton swabs, etc., tucked in a decorative basket in your powder room, giving the space a cozy touch while keeping it tidy.

6. Fresh Flowers
A small vase of fresh flowers adds instant ambiance into your powder room. A simple flower arrangement will do!

7. Tray
Having a small tray in the powder room for guests to place their rings, bracelets, phones, etc., off while washing their hands or pampering themselves allows them to have somewhere to keep their items safe and dry. A tray will keep the items from getting lost or going down the drain!

8. Mirror
Mirrors are important in any bathroom and the powder room is no exception. It is the perfect place for your guests to take a quick look at themselves. It also helps make the powder room appear larger and more spacious. Whitehaus Collection® offers a number of mirrors and medicine cabinets in different sizes and designs. Check them out here!

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