7 Common Bathroom Design Mistakes To Avoid

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Updating or remodeling your bathroom can be very exciting. There are so many design elements to start thinking about. Bathrooms -big and small- need to always be well thought out and functional for multiple users. By avoiding the 7 common design blunders below, you will be on your way to a bathroom you will love for the long haul!7 Common Bathroom Design Mistakes To Avoid | Kitchen Bath Trends

1. No View Outside
Bathrooms shouldn’t be dark, uninviting spaces. A dark bathroom won’t be inviting enough to spend time relaxing and pampering in it. While remodeling, try to add in a window or two to the bathroom. If you are able to choose where in your home you’d like the bathroom to be, make sure there is a window. The natural, fresh air will make your bathroom seem larger, airy and more comfortable.

2. All About The Toilet
Always avoid making the toilet the first thing you see when you walk into your bathroom. If possible, put the toilet and the shower out of any sight lines looking into the bathroom. The sink should be separate so someone can be in the shower, while another is getting ready at the sink.

3. Clear View
Avoid locating your bathroom off of a public room in your home, like the dining room or kitchen. You don’t have to add in a long hallway or move the bathroom to the other side of your home, but you will need to create some sort of interruption to break up the line of sight. You wouldn’t want to be sitting at the kitchen table and have a clear view of your bathroom!

4. Bigger Won’t Be Better
Bigger isn’t always better. Always put the layout of your bathroom before sizes of fixtures, etc. You want your bathroom to be functional instead of having fixtures squeezed into a space that is too small for them.

5. Relentlessly Trendy
Instead of using every new trend in your bathroom, plan for a classic and timeless bathroom with hints of trends throughout. Keeping colors neutral, tiles simple and a fresh, clean look will ensure that you do not have to change everything in a few months. Swapping out trendy accessories will keep your bathroom up to date and your bank account unharmed.

6. Going cheap
While you don’t want to overspend on your bathroom remodel, it is best to not cheap out in certain areas. Bathroom fixtures such as your sink, bathtub, cabinets, etc. are areas that you should look to spend the most. This ensures that you won’t have to get them replaced or repaired in a few months. Using substandard fixtures will lead to more money to be spent and possibly damage to your bathroom.

7. DIY
Unless you are a contractor yourself, you should look to hire someone to oversee your remodel. Certain projects like plumbing and rewiring are better left to a professional. Look to save money by doing small projects like removal of old tile, painting, etc. yourself.

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