6 Wet Bar Designs: Steal The Look

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Homeowners with extra space in their home are starting to add wet bars for entertaining guests. This is becoming a must-have in 2015. The spaces can be easily transformed into a peaceful spot after a hard’s day work to a perfect spot for a weekend with friends. The practical diversity that the wet bar gives enhances the whole home. To get the look, check out the 6 wet bars below for inspiration!

1. Bold and Beautiful

Bold and Beautiful | 6 Wet Bar Designs: Steal The Look

Bold accents and decoration can instantly transform any wet bar to make it a focal point. If you aren’t brave enough to add vivid colors to your wet bar, adding black accessories, cabinets, etc. will give you a bold look as well. Stainless steel fixtures go best for a drastic, bold look. If you have the space, adding unique bar stools will play into the bold feel of the room. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries!

2. Miniature

Miniature | 6 Wet Bar Designs: Steal The Look

If you don’t have tons of additional space, you can easily transform a small space into a functioning wet bar. A sink, fridge and shelves are essential to any wet bar. Utilize wall space for shelving to put glasses, bottles, etc. on.

3. Modern and Minimal

Modern and Minimal | 6 Wet Bar Designs: Steal The Look

A modern and minimal wet bar will stand out in any home. The design should be simple with sharp, sleek lines. Having cabinets is a must so there is nothing on the counters. The fixtures and accessories that accompany the modern design should also stand out and double as decorative pieces.

4. Crisp and Clean

Crisp and Clean | 6 Wet Bar Designs: Steal The Look

Crisp and clean wet bars will never go out of style. White cabinets, light color walls and granite countertops enhance the wet bar. Being able to have a window near the wet bar is also a great benefit. It allows the natural light to come into the room. Adding in colorful accessories or fresh flowers only adds the captivating space!

5. Pretty and Polished

Pretty and Polished | 6 Wet Bar Designs: Steal The Look

Very similar to the crisp and clean wet bar, a pretty and polished wet bar will enhance any room. Adding in decorative tile for a back splash and some fancier fixtures, you will instantly love this wet bar!

6. Basement Bar

Basement Bar | 6 Wet Bar Designs: Steal The Look

If you are lucky enough to have extra space in your basement to add in a wet bar, you have much more flexibility to create a wonderful space. If you love to entertain guests, this is the perfect design! Add a space with comfortable bar stools for your guests. Since you have the larger space, you can create your ideal wet bar.

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