6 Ways To Love Your Kitchen For A Lifetime

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If you’re looking to remodel or update your kitchen, follow these 6 tips to create a kitchen that you will love for a lifetime.

1. Statement Sink

Statement Sink | 6 Ways To Love Your Kitchen For A Lifetime

Sinks are not only the most used fixture in your kitchen but with all the different choices available nowadays, they can be used as the focal point of you kitchen design and layout. With a vast array of sizes, configuration, materials and finishes of statement sinks, choosing one that will work perfectly in your kitchen is now a fun project to take on.
It is important that the sink you choose can be paired with many different color palettes and accessories, as your decor might eventually change, but if you have chosen a high quality sink that you are happy with, the sink could stay for many years to come. Check out Whitehaus Collections’ fireclay, stainless steel, copper and vitreous china kitchen sink to get your remodel started!

2. Quality Countertops

Quality Countertops | 6 Ways To Love Your Kitchen For A Lifetime

With exposure to heat, water, sharp tools and more, you need a quality countertop that will endure the rigors of everyday usage. Wooden countertops add instant warmth into your kitchen, with butcher block countertops being the most common type. This type doubles as a great prep-area since the wood can withstand cutting and chopping without dulling knives. It is also long-lasting, timeless and will wear with use to create a charming patina. Granite and marble countertops are also popular choices, preferred for their durability and classic look. They are strong materials that stand up against the tough wear in a kitchen and with their natural variations in colors and textures, every counter top is unique.

3. Open Layout

Open Layout | 6 Ways To Love Your Kitchen For A Lifetime

There are many benefits of having an open layout in your kitchen. Open layouts create the perfect space for multitasking. Since the open floor plans basically combine the kitchen, living and dining rooms, you are able to do or see multiple things while preparing a meal. More natural light also comes into the kitchen from big windows in the living or dining rooms and smaller ones in the kitchen. You will have more room for entertaining your guests and family. You can stay connected to your guests and family even if they aren’t directly in the kitchen. Even though individually your kitchen, dining room and living room may be small but with the open layout, the entire space feels much larger.

4. Timeless Fixtures

Timeless Fixtures | 6 Ways To Love Your Kitchen For A Lifetime

By installing high quality fixtures in timeless styles and finishes into your kitchen, you won’t have to constantly change them out if you wanted to change the color scheme or décor. Opting for classic faucets, soap dispensers, etc. will allow you the flexibility down the road. Check out Whitehaus Collection®’s kitchen fixtures to start planning!

5. Pendant Lighting

Pendant Lights | 6 Ways To Love Your Kitchen For A Lifetime

Lighting can make all of the difference in your kitchen. A pendant light does it all. It provides overall light, task lighting and accent lighting. To avoid circles of super-bright light, consider pendant lights or use semi-opaque bulbs. A pendant light with a dimmer switch is also a great idea. Keep in mind that the larger the area you want to light, the bigger the pendant light should be. Small pendant lights are effective over a sink. You can cluster smaller pendant lights or choose a pendant light that has three or more lights over a dining room table or kitchen island.

6. White Kitchen

White Kitchen | 6 Ways To Love Your Kitchen For A Lifetime

White kitchens –whether white walls or cabinets– will always have a timeless, classic look and feel. The white instantly brightens up a room, which provides a more welcoming feel. It also makes your kitchen look even larger. White will also go with almost any color, style and hardware design you could possibly want for your kitchen. Since white is an extremely versatile color, your kitchen can appear more modern or traditional depending on what you pair with it. You have more options with white than any other color.

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