5 Bathroom Remodel Essentials

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Tried and true tips for your bathroom remodel from designer Laurie Haefele

5 Bathroom Remodel Essentials | Kitchen Bath Trends

Laurie Haefele | Owner of Haefele design based in Santa Monica, CA.

Written by: Laurie Haefele
As with any home renovation project, remodeling a bathroom is a challenging and creative undertaking.  It’s also one of the primary areas, once renovated, that adds more value to your home.
With careful planning, kitchen, bath and closet specialist, Laurie Haefele ensures you will have a functional and up to date creative bathroom, personalized to you. As a designer of countless bathroom and spa spaces, Laurie has five tried and true tips that she suggests to every homeowner considering a bathroom remodel. While each project is unique in it’s own right, these helpful suggestions will give you the timeless bathroom of your dreams.


  1. Proper Lighting
    Lighting must be given a lot of consideration when planning your bathroom renovation. There are three types of lighting that Laurie believes are important
    in any bathroom. The first is that all lighting needs to be on a dimmer. Dimmers allow you to set the desired mood and atmosphere in the space. The second type of fixture Laurie always incorporates into her designs are ambiance sconces and/or a chandelier. These elegant fixtures are a great way to make a statement and show personal style. The third lighting necessary for a bathroom, especially for women, is task lighting for makeup application. For
    additional impact, Laurie also suggests lighting the inside of the vanity drawers and the medicine cabinet. Lighting in these areas are unexpected
    and really elevate a space.
  2. Maximize Space with a “Wet Room”
    As one of the smallest rooms in the house, it’s important to make the bathroom look as large as possible. Laurie suggests designing a “wet room,” which is essentially a bathtub within the shower. The shower should also have a minimal amount of glass. This creates a more open feel to the space…5 Bathroom Remodel Essentials | Kitchen Bath Trends

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