2014 Trends for the Kitchen and Bath

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With the new year approaching quickly, it’s the time for resolution making and project planning. One of the major projects homeowners take on is renovation. The best time to renovate is during the spring, so it’s time to start researching and planning your ideas. We’ve done part of it for you by compiling the hottest 2014 trends for the kitchen and bathroom.

2014 Trends: Kitchen

Copper sinks and fixtures were a rising trend in 2013, and are going to continue having a substantial presence in 2014 trends. The warm tones bring life into any kitchen design, and with its inherent antimicrobial properties, it’s not only a style-enhancing option, but also a healthy one.

Whitehaus Collection has a line of seamless undermount and front apron copper sinks for the kitchen in the Copperhaus line. These pieces make a statement with the choice for various sizes, designs and finishes.




With the rising trend in technology, everything seems to be about multitasking. Why should your kitchen sink be any different? A big 2014 trend is the multifunctional sink, which integrates features like cutting and drain boards directly into the sink.

Whether you want stainless steel, fireclay or copper, Whitehaus has you covered for multipurpose sinks.


Image source: Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

2014 trends in the kitchen are all about warmth, and that includes the fixtures and hardware. Brass is definitely a warm tone, and matches almost all of the different sink materials and kitchen styles. But don’t stop there! Brass cabinetry hardware will tie the room together, creating an inviting, open space.


Image source: Shoberg Custom Homes

A growing 2014 trend is installing a black countertop in your kitchen. The contrast it provides, especially against light cabinets, is sure to be the focal point of your space. To achieve this dark look, use quartz or black granite that has been honed to give a leathery look.


Image source: Erotas Building Corporation


The recent trend for kitchenware is to stash it away in a cabinet out of sight. But a rising 2014 trend for your dishes will be to put them on display in open shelving. It’s becoming fashionable to display, not only kitchenware, but everything from pots and pans to gourmet cooking ingredients.


Image source: Jason Ball Interiors, LLC

Bright paint colors are soon to be a thing of the past with this new 2014 trend. Designers are now painting one kitchen wall a deep brown, red or black, enhancing the copper tones and keeping the space from feeling confined.


Image source: Bay Cabinetry & Design Studio

The popularity of this trend shows no sign of letting up in 2014. It’s a traditional look that works equally well in modern spaces. It’s great for use as backsplashes because they’re easier to clean than painted walls, and for an extra bit of depth, paint the grout a darker color.

2014 Trends: Bath

Image source: SoCal Contractor

Turning your bathroom into a spa with a multi-showerhead shower is one of the biggest rising 2014 trends. Incorporating a rainfall showerhead, a handheld body spray, and body sprayers into your walk-in shower will give you a stylish spa retreat in your home.

Whitehaus Collection has a stellar supply of everything from showerheads to soap/lotion dispensers in their stylish Showerhaus line.


A freestanding bathtub is many things. It is chic, sophisticated, stylish and a force to be reckoned with as a 2014 trend. These beautiful pieces are taking over built-in bathtubs and we definitely know why. Whether in acrylic or copper, they bring style and flair to any space.

Bathhaus by Whitehaus Collection is a line of acrylic and copper freestanding bathtubs in a variety of shapes and sizes, perfect for any size or style room.


Eco-friendly is always trendy, and that remains true for the upcoming year. Going green is easier than ever with a dual flush toilet, a powerful 2014 trend. With 600% more flushing power than the IAPMO standard, this toilet trend will save you money and water.

The Magic Flush line of toilets features three different European designs with a dual flushing system. With the choice of a full 1.6 gpf flush or partial .08 gpf flush, your water bill will decrease faster than you can say Whitehaus.


Image source: Renewal Design-Build

Colors like gray, beige and other neutral tones are a rising 2014 trend for bathroom palettes. These colors are more serene and will make your bathroom feel more tranquil and relaxing than the bright blues and powder pinks.


Image source: Amoroso Design

A bathroom is all about lighting, and to maximize the effect your lighting has on the room, a 2014 trend we’re seeing in the bathroom is large mirrors. When the light bounces off the large mirrors, it enhances the space and makes it feel more open and airy.


Image source: HMH Artchitecture + Interiors

A 2014 trend we’re seeing is more fluidity in the architecture of fixtures. Homeowners are straying away from the sharp, angular lines and moving to liquid, curved lines. This change will make your bathroom a much calmer space.


Image source: The Sky is the Limit Design

As we stated previously, subway tile is here to stay. We’ve been seeing the transition from kitchen subway tile to bathroom subway tile, and it looks amazing. The texture of the tile breaks up the flatness of painted walls and gives the room dimension.

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