WHMFL221-EB: Whitehaus Collection®’s MagicFlush ® eco-friendly toilet

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The benefits of choosing a toilet with an elongated bowl, generally have to do with size. Some say that round is better: their shape takes up less space (from wall to front of toilet), making them a better option for small bathrooms. But the consensus seems to be that the elongated bowls are much more comfortable, especially for adults and men. The shape of the bowl provides extra space and the sloped angle inside the bowl helps prevent splashback.

The WHMFL221-EB  is an eco-friendly toilet from Whitehaus Collection®’s MagicFlush ® line. It is a one piece construction toilet, that integrates the tank and bowl into one seamless design, allowing effortless clean up. Easy to install, this toilet features a single lever flush with a standard 12” rough in, no flange needed. Following the high standard of all our MagicFlush® toilets, the soft-drop toilet seat offers added convenience and comfort. This 1.28 gpf toilet is also WaterSense Certified and cUPC approved, providing significant water savings without affecting its performance. The unique skirt and clean European design of the WHMFL221-EB makes it the perfect and stylish choice for an eco-friendly toilet.

The classic, all white design of this bathroom shows a great use of layout and space. The tight dimensions of the area have been distributed perfectly: by choosing a console sink, it leaves plenty space to install an elongated bowl, without sacrificing leg space for toilet usage nor counter space around the basin.

The Whitehaus Collection® products showcased above are the MagicFlush® WHMFL221-EB toilet, the Victoriahaus WHV024-L33 bathroom console with Polished Chrome leg supports, the Waterhaus WHS0111-SB faucet in Polished Stainless Steel and the WHOLI medicine cabinet from the Medicinehaus line. 

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