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Before dishwashers were available, a drainboard was needed for drying dishes. The drainboard would be placed on the countertop and covered with a kitchen towel, wet dishes would be placed over it. If you had a secondary sink, another option was to use a dish drying rack that would be placed over it or strategically over the countertop, in order to direct the water to drain into the sink before damaging the countertop.

Even though dishwashers drastically changed the way dishes are done, it is not always the case that there is one in each home. In some instances, it is better to carefully wash delicate crystal glassware or quickly rinse utensils by hand.





Ideal for fast-paced kitchens, the popularity of sink models with integrated drainboard is due to the great versatility they are able to offer. A drainboard kitchen sink is a convenient place for drying your hand-washables such as wine glasses, plastic containers and silverware; its smooth and/or ribbed sloped surface channels water directly into the sink. A drainboard offers a perfect area to set a hot pan for draining; it is a convenient place to sort ingredients, and to wash and prepare food. Peelings and refuse can easily be pushed from the drainboard into the garbage disposal, cutting cleaning time. Your expensive countertops will remain intact, if you place your food over the drainboard when cutting it with a sharp knife, no need for a cutting board.

These models are available in different designs, sizes and materials; easily letting you choose the best option for your kitchen set up. Although you will find a wide selection of materials, stainless steel and fireclay models are considered the best.



The Farmhaus Fireclay Quarto Alcove Series 36″ WHQD540 reversible sink has a decorative 2 1/2″ lip on each side and an integral drainboard. This is the ideal size for a medium size kitchen layout. It is available in four finishes: white, biscuit, black and sapphire blue.


Noah’s Collection reversible single bowl WHNCM4019 Commercial Series sink with integral drain board is made from 16 gauge, 304 stainless steel with an 18/8 chrome and nickel content.  Its quality stainless steel makes the sink scratch, stain and chip resistant, making it one of the most durable sinks on the market. Complete with full undercoat over noise reduction dampening pads, that reduce any noise of running water or dropped utensils. Its  four diagonal integrated grooves channel water directly to the drain, creating easy clean-up for even the toughest messes.

The WHNCMD5221 Noah’s Collection reversible sink, is a double bowl, commercial Series sink option that also includes a drain board.



The WH33209-LEG-NP Pearlhaus utility sink is an impressive commercial utility option constructed of corrosion resistant 16 gauge 304 series stainless steel and 18/8 chrome/nickel ratio that is easy to maintain, scratch resistant and virtually unbreakable.  Complete with 8” pre-drilled faucet holes, diagonal grooves to channel water directly to the drain, an integrated drain board and lower rack and adjustable reinforced leg supports, this sink are buffed with a fine brushing technique that enhances the sheen and luster of the final product.  Functional, durable and designed to complement any room, this single bowl, freestanding utility sink with seamless, rounded corners is equipped with zero radius corners, ensuring an easier clean up and is an essential addition to any work area.


Environmentally conscious, the drainboard is a money saver as well. With the convenience of a draining and drying area for hand washed items, it just makes sense to use them as often as possible, without having to load up a dishwasher for quick, smaller cleaning tasks.


For kitchen faucets, grids and accessories to complete and enhance your kitchen, please visit www.whitehauscollection.com

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