10 Must-Haves For Your Wet Bar

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10 Must-Haves For Your Wet Bar | Kitchen Bath Trends

Having a space for a wet bar in your home can be a huge benefit when it comes to entertaining guests and family members. Whether you are planning a party or just preparing for a spur of the moment get-together, here are 10 must-haves for your bar!

1. Stainless Steel Sink
A small stainless steel sink is fundamental to your wet bar. The sink is there for you to dump out ice, rinse the glass, rinse fruit cutting knives, etc. Whitehaus Collection has a wet bar sink that is perfect. Check out the WINEHAUS stainless steel sink here!

2. Wine Rack
A wine rack is a great addition to your wet bar. This will help organize your wine and makes sure it is tidy. If you didn’t have a wine rack, you would be leaving wine bottles all over the place and your bar will just end up looking cluttered. Just remember, white wine needs to be kept cold!

3. Bar Stools
Selecting the right bar stools will help enhance the look and feel of your bar. You want to make sure they are the correct height, with or without a back and that they are comfortable. Having comfortable spots for your guests is critical. Making sure they also match the entire theme of the bar is also important.

4. Entertainment Faucet
A faucet right in your wet bar is ideal so you aren’t constantly going back and forth to the kitchen to rinse glasses, etc. Whitehaus Collection has many entertaining and prep faucets. Check the Luxe Collection entertainment and prep faucet featured above, here!

5. Kegerator
A kegerator is a fantastic addition to your wet bar. For those who love drinking beer, having a cold beer on tap is important. You can buy a complete kegerator system or convert a small fridge into one.

6. Glassware
Plenty of glassware in your wet bar is important. Most drinks are supposed to be served in different glasses so making sure you have these is key. Wine glasses, beer and pint glasses, highball glasses, martini glasses, etc. are a good place to start! Add in fancier or decorative glasses as you build your wet bar.

7. Ice Maker
Your wet bar will benefit from having an ice maker built-in or stored in a cabinet. This allows you the convenience of having ice at an arm’s reach.

8. Refrigerator
A refrigerator is crucial to any wet bar. Your mixers, white wines, etc. can be stored here. Choose a size that fits into the desired space and a style that matches the rest of the wet bar theme.

9. Bar Tools
Cocktail strainer, cocktail shakes, jigger measure, bottle opener, blender, stirrer, knife, small cutting board and a muddler are all essential tools that need to be included in a wet bar. These tools will give you the opportunity to make any drink your guest asks for!

10. Cabinets
When designing your wet bar, be sure to take into consideration storage space. Either cabinets or drawers are important in order to keep your bar clean and tidy. Without storage space, all of the essentials listed above will be on the counter and in the way.

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