10 Must-Haves For Your Child’s Bathroom

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10 Must-Haves For Your Child's Bathroom | Kitchen Bath Trends

When starting to decorate or redecorating your child’s bathroom, there are some items that will help enhance the design, style and feel. Having an overall will help the bathroom’s décor be fun and exciting. Check out these 10 essentials to add to your child’s bathroom!

1. Shower Curtain
Adding a fun shower curtain into your child’s bathroom will help them feel comfortable getting into a routine. Make sure if they are old enough, they help choose what the theme will be to ensure they will enjoy their time spent in the bathroom.

2. Shower Hooks
Getting shower hooks that go along with the rest of the theme in the bathroom is important. All accessories should, in one way or another, match.

3. Towels
Towels that are fun and cute are also a great addition to your child’s bathroom. Make sure to have washcloths, hand towels and bath towels that match.

4. Trash
Keeping a trash can in the bathroom will help your child learn to be clean and tidy. Again, having this match the overall theme will help keep the bathroom fun and welcoming for your child.

5. Fun Signs
Hanging a fun sign that has a quote or picture will help enhance your child’s bathroom.

6. Tooth Brush Holder
Adding a tooth brush holder into your child’s bathroom will help them with the responsibility of putting things back where they belong. This is also key, especially if more than one child is sharing the bathroom.

7. Rug
A fun, theme-matching rug will only help the overall feel of your child’s bathroom. It also gives them a space to step after getting out of the tub or shower to ensure they won’t slip.

8. Hamper
Putting a hamper in your child’s bathroom will teach them the responsibility of keeping thing clean and tidy.

9. Non-Slip Bath Mat
A non-slip bath mat in the tub/shower will prevent any slipping or falling for your child.

10. Bath Toys
If your child is young enough, having bath toys is important. Just make sure they are wiped dry after each use and stored away.

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